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Dr. P. Jayakumar
Founder & Chairman

Dr. P. Jayakumar is one of the foremost experts in the clean technology space in India having spent over two decades across the solar PV value chain. He founded Arbutus Consultants Pvt Ltd in the early 2000s sensing the need for a specialist technical consulting firm bridging the gap between technology, industry and end customers. His 45+ years of experience in the fields of electrical maintenance, power electronics and solar energy has helped Arbutus evolve into a world-class, multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm. His present focus, in addition to mentoring the leadership at Arbutus Consultants Pvt Ltd, is to build a new business providing cutting edge solutions sourced globally for emerging sectors.

Prior to Arbutus, Dr. P. Jayakumar worked in leadership, business and managerial functions with several corporate organisations.  Dr. P. Jayakumar has worked in various countries like India, Indonesia, Japan, UK, USA, Austria, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, Australia and Germany.

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